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We are proud to have served Jacksonville and all of Northeast Florida for 34 years. We are your affordable, friendly professionals for indoor pest control and lawn care management.

We use only the safest, most effective treatments for all of your indoor pests, and offer a plan for every budget. We also are leading the industry in lawn care management with our organic, "Green Soil" approach–we call it Organic Soil Support™; play on your lawn again without worry and make your neighbors "green" with envy!

Our services include general household pest control, termite inspection and application, fire ant protection with a once a year application, lawn treatment including our exclusive Organic Soil Support™, and ornamental fertilization and spray programs.

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GREEN isn’t just the color of your lawn, it’s a lifestyle!

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Research has shown that specific soil nutrient combinations promote healthy, disease-free lawns. With a growing need for everyone to be environmentally responsible, Sunshine has embraced a "Green Soil" approach to managing your lawn.

Through Organic Soil Support™ we are able to control weeds and lawn pests naturally, while creating the ideal soil environment to foster healthy lawn growth.

Sunshine Pest Control is leading the efforts to reduce chemical treatment of your lawn in favor of a safer, more responsible approach to lawn care!


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