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The Green Approach to Lawn Care

After 40 years in lawn care management, Sunshine Pest Control is leading the way with a “back to basics” approach designed to revitalize soil biology and provide a foundation for healthy turf growth; we call it our Organic Soil Support™ program.

Sunshine Pest Control is leading the efforts to reduce chemical treatment of your lawn in favor of a safer, more responsible approach to lawn care!

Sunshine Pest Control promotes the environment by incorporating advanced organic products that are safe, effective, and responsible; your children or pets can play without worry!

We believe that the foundation of a healthy lawn is healthy soil. Deficiencies in the soil are carried into the plant; establishing beneficial microbial populations, along with supplying the plant with proper nutrients is the key to creating a healthy soil environment.

Research has shown that specific soil nutrient combinations promote healthy, disease-free lawns. With a growing need for everyone to be environmentally responsible, Sunshine has embraced a “Green Soil” approach to managing your lawn.

Humate is a highly compressed, natural organic humus, the decayed remains of tropical rain forests which existed millions of years ago in what is now the southwestern United States. Because of the tremendous amount of living bacteria present, humate was formed instead of coal.

Some of the benefits of humate include increased root growth so plants can more easily find and absorb water, improved uptake of vital nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron, and improved water retention. Since humate can hold up to 20 times its weight in water, humate usage can reduce the need for irrigation and save you money-all naturally!

We begin by testing your soil for the proper balance of nutrients, and treat your soil based on the results. Using a high-quality organic fertilizer and other “Green Soil” treatments, we are able to control weeds and insects while building a full, healthy lawn.

Through Organic Soil Support™ we are able to control weeds and lawn pests naturally, while creating the ideal soil environment to foster healthy lawn growth.

Call us today for more information on this revolutionary “green” approach to lawn care. You’ll only find it here!

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