The Organic Approach to Lawn Care

After 33 years in lawn care management, Sunshine Pest Control is leading the way with a "back to basics" approach designed to revitalize soil biology and provide a foundation for healthy turf growth; we call it our Organic Soil Support™ program.

Sunshine Pest Control promotes the environment by incorporating advanced organic products that are safe, effective, and responsible; your children or pets can play without worry!

We believe that the foundation of a healthy lawn is healthy soil. Deficiencies in the soil are carried into the plant; establishing beneficial microbial populations, along with supplying the plant with proper nutrients is the key to creating a healthy soil environment.

We begin by testing your soil for the proper balance of nutrients, and treat your soil based on the results. Using a high-quality organic fertilizer and other "Green Soil" treatments, we are able to control weeds and insects while building a full, healthy lawn.

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Please keep us in mind for other services we provide:

     Ornamental Fertilization and Insect Control

     Fire Ant Control (Once per Year Application)

     General Household Pest Control

     Termite Inspection and Treatment

     Core Aeration for Lawn Only


Early Spring Application

During the first quarter of our year, the day length will start to get longer and gradually the soil will begin to warm.  These two factors will cause plants to begin their Spring growth.

Our application for this time of season is designed to stimulate the soil microbes. Using Seaweed "Kelp" along with Micronutrients, Calcium, Boron and Potassium, this application will provide a firmer leaf which will have a longer life.  Calcium will make the leaf firmer with thicker cell walls within the leaf tissue.  It builds quality by neutralizing organic acids in the plant, enabling nutrients and water to enter more freely.  Just like calcium builds strong bones and teeth in humans, calcium builds strong cell walls for turf grass. 

Seaweed is found to be the best natural fertilizer due to the amount of nutrient it contains.  This element also will help the turf grass to spread when the soil temperatures reach 70 degrees.

Micronutrients are needed for healthy plant growth and do not always come in all fertilizers.  Potassium is also being applied for bottom growth.  It will help roots develop.  Strong roots will help plants over winter better and start stronger in the spring. 

We have also included a Pre-emergence herbicide to stop weeds before they grow, mainly Crabgrass.  Too early in the year to have much success with herbicides, so we will be spot treating as soil warms.   Also, insect activity is at a low level, but we will be spot treating ant mounds as we see them. 

Watering your lawn is still needed; even though it's not growing above the ground, it is still active in the soil.  Water one time a week through February. 

Thank you for allowing us to care for your lawn.  We want to provide you with the best lawn possible.

NOTE: Our next application is March, April we will be fertilizing the plants in your landscape.  if you have not requested this service please contact us to have this added to your program.

We also offer:

*General Household Pest Control Service
*Termite inspection and application
*Fire Ant Protection for 8-month control with one application
*Ornamental Fertilization and Spray Programs

Thank you for your trust and we appreciate your business!

Wesley, David, and Alan