The Organic Approach to Lawn Care

After 33 years in lawn care management, Sunshine Pest Control is leading the way with a "back to basics" approach designed to revitalize soil biology and provide a foundation for healthy turf growth; we call it our Organic Soil Support™ program.

Sunshine Pest Control promotes the environment by incorporating advanced organic products that are safe, effective, and responsible; your children or pets can play without worry!

We believe that the foundation of a healthy lawn is healthy soil. Deficiencies in the soil are carried into the plant; establishing beneficial microbial populations, along with supplying the plant with proper nutrients is the key to creating a healthy soil environment.

We begin by testing your soil for the proper balance of nutrients, and treat your soil based on the results. Using a high-quality organic fertilizer and other "Green Soil" treatments, we are able to control weeds and insects while building a full, healthy lawn.

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